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20-Apr-2003 - In the Golden Age Classics series, Film Score Monthly has released two Miklós Rózsa scores on one CD. Green Fire (1954), FSM's premiere release, features the complete underscore in stereo, with bonus tracks of source cues and instrumental alternates. Bhowani Junction (1956) has a "non-score" as Rozsa ever composed: almost entirely source music.
In the Silver Age Classics series also two scores on one CD, this time by Alex North. All Fall Down (1962) has a poignant, sweetly jazzy score, and is full of hushed, haunting textures, with lovely themes. The Outrage (1964) is an American remake of the Akira Kurosawa classic Rashomon, transposed to the American West.
For more info and ordering, visit Film Score Monthly.

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