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The Georges Delerue/Philippe de Broca collaboration.
24-Sep-2003 - In their series 'Écoutez Le Cinéma', Universal France has released two CD's that cover the whole period of the collaboration between Georges Delerue and Philippe de Broca. The first one is Le Cinéma De Philippe De Broca (1959-1968) Volume 1, with music from Cartouche, Les Tribulations d'un Chinois En Chine, Le Roi De Cœur, Le Diable ParLla Queue, etc. And the second one, Le Cinéma De Philippe De Broca (1969-1988) Volume 2, with music from Tendre Poulet, L'Africain, Chouans!, Les Caprices De Marie, etc.
For more info about this attractive priced series - less than 10 Euro! - visit Universal France.

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