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FSM's June releases
19-Jun-2004 - Film Score Monthly has released The Fastest Gun Alive (1956). It's the story of a mild-mannered storekeeper who is secretly the "fastest gun alive." André Previn's score is dominated by a main theme that suggests both Ford's personal turmoil as well as his eventual nobility and heroism, but also includes a touching love theme and quintessentially American string writing. House of Numbers (1957) is a jailbreak film starring Jack Palance in dual roles; Previn provided a thrilling score, capturing the violence and tenderness of the characters. The CD features the premiere release for each score, both complete and in the best possible monaural sound (as they were recorded).
FSM's other release, Big Wednesday (1978) was the first major film scored by Basil Poledouris. This premiere CD features the complete Big Wednesday underscore remixed from the original stereo multitracks. It is, at last, the definitive presentation of one of the best symphonic scores of the 1970s.
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