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Rednote Audio's The Hobbit
15-Jul-2004 - Rednote Audio has composed and produced the soundtrack for the video game The Hobbit. The composers, Rod Abernethy, Dave Adams and Jason Graves from Rednote Audio, won in February 2004 "Best Soundtrack Of The Year" for The Hobbit (Vivendi-Universal Games) at the Game Audio Network Guild Awards during the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California. The music, written for several soloists and the Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra of Seattle, is also without the video game more than worth listening. Beautifully orchestrated battle music and some lyric melodies give us a good view at the world of the Hobbit. And surprise... the whole score (ca 36 minutes), including the nice artwork, can be downloaded for free at Vivendi-Universal Games. Do it, you won't regret it..!

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