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A note to Jerry Goldsmith's fans from his agent, Richard Kraft
29-Jul-2004 - The last time I saw my friend Jerry Goldsmith was with Bob Townson as we presented him with Varese Sarabande's "JERRY GOLDSMITH AT 20TH CENTURY FOX" boxed set.

Though he was not feeling well that day, Jerry's spirits lifted instantly as he pulled the booklet from its black slipcase. Slowly, he poured over every title like he was exploring a photo album of his children, each one dear and special to him in a different way. He shared memories of working on those scores which spanned several decades of his life.

He was surprised and delighted when he was told that its entire run had sold out within days of its announcement. It meant a great deal to him that his fans continued to appreciate him so strongly.

Jerry cared deeply about his fans (I should know, I was one who first met my idol by stalking him as a rabid 9 year-old armed with overstuffed shopping bags crammed with soundtracks for him to autograph). Jerry was also a very private person and extremely shy. Even though it would sometimes embarrass him, I would often share with him tidbits from his supporters on the various film music sites. All of your love and appreciation gave him great comfort and pleasure.

The last opportunity Jerry had to connect with his public was two weeks ago when John Mauceri cell phoned him from the podium of the Hollywood Bowl smack dab in the middle of a concert so Jerry could hear the "Goldsmith Television Medley" he was about to conduct. At the final downbeat Mauceri hoisted his cell phone towards the audience so Jerry, lying at home, could take in the monstrous applause of 19,000 of his fans.

Jerry Goldsmith wrote music, not for himself, but to connect with others. He was very blessed to know that he succeeded in doing just that for so many years with some many people around the world.

Thank you all for letting him know how much you cared.

Richard Kraft
Kraft-Engel Management

(This note appeared on the website of Film Score Monthly).

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