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Farscape: The Peacekeepers Wars
24-Aug-2004 - La-La Land Records announces it has finalized a deal with The Jim Henson Company to release Guy Gross' score to the upcoming Sci Fi Channel World Premiere Mini-Series Farscape: The Peacekeepers Wars, as well as a LIMITED EDITION series of COMPLETE scores to classic Farscape episodes. "PEACEKEEPER WARS" will be released in October. The first Limited Edition "FARSCAPE CLASSICS" CD will dock in November, featuring complete scores from 2 episodes.

And coming soon: Composer Guy Gross unleashes an orchestra and a 40-member choir to ensure a supersonic takeoff for the Sci Fi Channel World Premiere Mini-Series FARSCAPE: THE PEACEKEEPER WARS and acclaimed X2/THE USUAL SUSPECTS composer John Ottman redefines suspense with his orchestral score to the upcoming New Line Cinema thriller Cellular, starring Kim Basinger and William H. Macy.

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