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The new Varèse Sarabande club titles..!
30-Aug-2004 - Varèse Sarabande has released 3 new club titles. First there is The Great Escape: The Deluxe Edition, a 2 CD set with, for the first time, Elmer Bernstein's original music as used in the movie. The score was recorded in January and February of 1963 at Goldwyn Studios in Culver City, California with an orchestra of some 62 musicians.
A camp cult classic if ever there was one, Piranha (1979). For his killer fish with attitude movie director Joe Dante sought Pino Donaggio to deliver a genre score with class. With only 1000 copies available and priced at the very collector-friendly price of $14.98, it’s selling out as you read this.
Long before the global renown and acclaim that now follows John Williams everywhere, the composer would practice his craft on all manner of eclectic film projects. One of the earliest genres that earned his recognition was that of the madcap comedy, like Fitzwilly, perhaps the score which most clearly foreshadowed the work that was to come. And to make the CD truly indispensable, added is his score for the 1973 Robert Altman film The Long Goodbye. The score is, without question, one of John Williams’ most creative.
For more info and ordering, visit Varèse Sarabande or (for Europe) Colosseum Records.

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