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2-Dec-2004 - We have long waited for it and Film Score Monthly has released it in their Silver Age Classics series, The Mutiny On The Bounty, (1962) with all the music Bronislau Kaper ever wrote for it. This release features three programs split over three CDs: Disc one and the beginning of disc two features the complete score as it is heard in the finished film. The remainder of disc two and beginning of disc three features a complete "alternative score" from the initial recording sessions, as it was intended from March 1962. The remainder of disc three features album versions, additional source music, and additional alternative orchestral cues. All told, it is four hours of music on three CDs, all in stereo and remastered from the original six-track 35mm film.
In the Golden Age Classics series comes Saddle The Wind (1958) with a score by Elmer Bernstein. However, Bernstein was not the first composer to score Saddle The Wind. M-G-M's Jeff Alexander was the original composer and recorded a score in its entirety; the film was subsequently recut so extensively as to require new music. This CD features both Bernstein's and Alexander's complete scores in the best-possible monaural sound, as they were recorded.
For more info and ordering, visit Film Score Monthly or Screen Archives Entertainment.

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