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Michele Fedrigotti's La Vita Che Vorrei
10-Dec-2004 - CAM Original Soundtracks in Italy has released La Vita Che Vorrei, the latest film by director Giuseppe Piccioni (Ask for the Moon, Condemned to Wed, Not of This World, Light of My Eyes). It's the story of Laura and Stefano, both chosen for the leading roles in a film set in the nineteenth century. During the shooting, Laura and Stefano have an affair and, unavoidably, fiction and reality will interlace. The cast includes Luigi Lo Cascio (Stefano), Sandra Ceccarelli (Laura), Galatea Ranzi, Fabio Camilli, Ninni Bruschetta, Camilla Filippi, Paolo Sassanelli with the participation of Roberto Citran. The original soundtrack, a refined classical score composed by Michele Fedrigotti, is performed by the Cezch National Symphony Orchestra.
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