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The Film Music Of Clifton Parker
5-Jan-2005 - Chandos Movies has released The Film Music Of Clifton Parker, played by the BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by Rumon Gamba. Clifton Parker was a prolific composer in the British film industry during the 1940s and 50s. Originally singled out by legendary music director Muir Matheson, he went on to enjoy a twenty-year career in the movies. Inexplicably, his work, distinctive for its lively, symphonic style, is little known today, despite his having written the scores for a number of classic movies, of which on this CD a.o. Treasure Island, The Sword And The Rose (premiere recording), Blue Lagoon (premiere recording), Night Of The Demon, and Sink The Bismarck! (also a premiere recording).
For more info and ordering, visit Chandos Movies.

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