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The January FSM releases
10-Jan-2005 - Film Score Monthly's January releases are out now. In the Silver Age Classics series there's a double CD of vintage comedy scores by John(ny) Williams and the man for whom Williams once played piano, Henry Mancini. Penelope (1966) was a Natalie Wood vehicle combining romantic comedy, psychological mystery, and utter farce. The film provided the kind of grand tapestry on which "Johnny" Williams could lay the groundwork for his future composing styles, both madcap and serious. This CD features the complete original soundtrack -- never before released -- as well as the remastered album recording. Bachelor in Paradise (1961) was a romantic comedy starring Bob Hope. Henry Mancini's charming score emphasizes a title song (lyrics by Mack David) and the kind of colorful Mancini jazz and mood cues which would make him a household name in the 1960s.
The Golden Age Classics series features Valley Of The Kings, (1954) an Egyptian adventure starring Robert Taylor as an American archeologist. Mklós Rózsa effortlessly tailored his Eastern European style to the Egyptian locale, with harmonic-minor twists both sinister and mysterious. This CD features Rozsa's complete underscore, plus bonus tracks of the film's source music. The CD also includes the complete soundtrack to Men Of The Fighting Lady (1954), a verite-style feature about bomber pilots during the Korean War. Besides main and end titles not by Rózsa, the soundtrack features Rózsa's 20-minute "Blind Flight" for the film's exciting climax (the picture is otherwise unscored).
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