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FSM's March releases
17-Mar-2005 - Film Score Monthly has released two classic scores for George Pal films in their definitive stereo editions: Atlantis: The Lost Continent (1961) with a score by Russell Garcia, and The Power (1968), with music by Miklós Rózsa. Atlantis is presented in the complete form from the original session masters. The master tapes to The Power are sadly lost, so this CD features the first-ever official release of the 30-minute "private" album previously circulated to collectors. Both scores are in stereo. FSM, in its eighth year of releasing classic soundtrack albums, comes with one of the most famous science fiction scores of all time: Dimtri Tiomkin's The Thing From Another World (1951), which astoundingly has never been released in its original soundtrack form -- until now. The score is presented in complete form from the only surviving acetates of the recording (in relatively good sound quality). FSM's CD is filled out with Tiomkin's 1953 score to Take the High Ground!, a military-training film from M-G-M for which Tiomkin provided a rousing march, as well as a love song, "Julie." Take the High Ground! is presented largely in stereo.
For more info and ordering, visit Film Score Monthly/Screen Archives Entertainment.

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