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Robert Rodriguez, John Debney & Graeme Revell's Sin City
12-Apr-2005 - Varèse Sarabande has released Sin City, directed by Robert Rodriguez and comic book icon Frank Miller — along with special guest director Quentin Tarantino — and based on the series of graphic novels created, written, and illustrated by Miller. Sin City is infested with criminals, crooked cops and sexy dames, some searching for vengeance, some for redemption and others, both. The film incorporates storylines from three of Miller’s graphic novels. Rodriguez, along with Miller, translated these legendary stories from page to screen by remaining absolutely faithful to the look, feel and dialogue of the books. The dark underworld of Sin City has been captured in music by Robert Rodriguez himself, along with composers John Debney and Graeme Revell.
For more info, visit Varèse Sarabande.

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