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Armand Amar's Va, Vis Et Deviens
16-Apr-2005 - Na´ve France has released the superb score for Va, Vis Et Deviens. The story follows the life of a young Ethiopian boy, Shlomo, whose mother realizes that he can be saved if he poses as one of the Falashas, the Ethiopian Jews. They were clandestinely airlifted to Israel from Sudan in the mid 1980s. The story shows how Israel deals with these 'different' Jews, how he deals with not really being one of them, how he is adopted by an idealistic left-wing family, falls in love with a young Israeli girl whose father is a racist, and his ongoing inner-dialogue with his mother still somewhere in a Sudanese refugee camp. The impressive and sometimes breathtaking score is by Armand Amar, who also composed the beautiful scores for Amen and La Terre Vue Du Ciel.
For more info, visit Na´ve France.

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