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6-May-2005 - On October 17, 2004 Christian Bruhn celebrated his 70th birthday and for this occasion Colosseum Records published an homage to his work on April 18, 2005 with a remix album, called Captain Future Re-Animated. 15 National and international artists and formations have created their own vision of Captain Future songs in the album, producing an album that illuminates all the facets of modern electronic music, placing them within the context of Christian Bruhn`s compositions with great humor and wonderful frivolity. Captain Future: Reanimated sometimes sounds lively and danceable, sometimes groovy and clubby, sometimes relaxing and peaceful, just like the original.
Also from Colosseum Records comes Schatten Der Zeit (Shadows Of Time), a film by young Oscar-winning writer and director Florian Gallenberger. The warm and melancholy score, which gently integrates Indian elements into traditional Western orchestral music was written by Gert Wilden Jr.
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