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Varèse Sarabandes CD Club releases are out..!
16-May-2005 - The Varèse Sarabande CD Club is out with three new releases. Desirée (1954) was director Henry Koster’s first film to follow his enormously successful production of The Robe (1953). The score for Desirée was composed by the incomparable Alex North. North’s knack for coming up with the most heart wrenching and poignant melodies is on grand display here. Desirée is of strikingly different character than North’s other historical epics such as Spartacus, Cleopatra and The Agony and The Ecstasy. This is, by far, the most intimate of them. North’s score also features a wonderful waltz by Fox music head, Alfred Newman.
Alien Nation was used to have a score by Jerry Goldsmith, but the fillmakers replaced his score with an entirely unmemorable work by Curt Sobel, a fine music editor whose only previous composing credit was on the 1984 Matt Dillon film The Flamingo Kid. Varèse Sarabande ihas the pleasure to fill yet another gap in the composer’s discography with this particularly obscure entry.
There’s one reason, and only one, that Varèse Sarabande are releasing Making The Grade as part of their CD Club … and that’s Basil Poledouris. Following in the footsteps of Elmer Bernstein, Poledouris took this ridiculous comedy and pretty much played it straight, in a fun, over-the-top, sort of way. Scored for orchestra and choir, Making The Grade is brimming with infectious melodies. Not only for fans of the composer, this is a must-have, !
For more info and ordering, visit Varèse Sarabande or (for Europe) Colosseum Records.

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