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8-Mar-2001 - We have selected some highlights of new releases and additions.
First, from Pacific Time Entertainment, Shadow Of The Vampire by Daniel T. Jones, followed by The Caveman's Valentine on Decca, with a beautiful score by Terence Blanchard.

At last, the ultimate Godfather Trilogy with music by Coppola, Rota and Mascagni is out on Silva Screen Records.

For the TV-series Love and Treason (aired this month in the USA) the music was written by Basil Poledouris. Intrada Records did the release.

Varese Sarabande Records announced the release on March 20 of Monkeybone by Anne Dudley.
And finally there was that beautiful release from Film Score Monthly, Conquest/Battle for the Planet of the Apes with music by Leonard Rosenman, Tom Scott and Lalo Schifrin and from Sony Classical the score for Enemy at the Gates by James Horner.

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