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John Williams' War Of The Worlds
4-Jul-2005 - Decca has released War Of The Worlds, with again a fantastic score by John Williams. This is what Steven Spielberg says about the music: "For War of the Worlds, John reached for something not of this earth and composed a score that you feel on your skin, even before you become aware that you are actually hearing it. He has laid down a musical foundation of atmospherics and textural events, achieving a rhythmic propulsion that is so utterly primal it crawls up inside of you and makes you wonder how one composer could make such a radical departure in style from such masterworks of melodic phrasing as the flying theme from E.T., to the enduring themes of the Star Wars series and come up with a new sound that gives War of the Worlds much of its ultra-realism."" We only can agree with that..!
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