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Armando Trovaioli's La Nuit De Varennes
18-Aug-2005 - Saimel Records in Spain presents the long-awaited CD premiere of La Nuit De Varennes (1982). On June 20, 1791 the king and queen of France (Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette) tried to escape from Revolutionary Paris to join monarchist allies outside France, but were arrested in the town of Varennes. Linked to this historical event the film imagines a group of travellers on the same road, including the American patriot Thomas Paine, the noted seducer Casanova, and the French novelist Restif de La Bretonne. They reflect various attitudes toward the momentous changes taking place around them. The beautiful and sometimes haunting music is from the Italian Maestro Armando Trovaioli. The CD has 28 minutes of previously unreleased music.
For more info and ordering, visit Saimel Records.

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