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Roque Baņos' The Machinist
28-Aug-2005 - Mellow Drama Records in the U.K. has released The Machinist. Director Brad Anderson wanted the film's score to echo and hark back to the work of Bernard Herrmann who's intense, suspenseful and eternally haunting orchestrations added a whole new layer to the work of Alfred Hitchcock. To create a score that would be at once nostalgic and fresh, he brought in Roque Baņos, an innovative composer who has been writing music for Spanish films over a number of years and is perhaps best known for his score for the winning British film Sexy Beast. For Baņos, the thrill was in attempting to revive the Grand Old Hollywood era of huge, omnipresent scores, and merge with contemporary touches that give a sense of timelessness, with variations on themes that range from the romantic to the minimalist.
For more info, visit Mellow Drama Records.

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