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FSM's September releases
11-Sep-2005 - Film Score Monthly has released Crossed Swords (1978), with a score by Maurice Jarre, who provided a delightfully melodic, heroic and full-blooded orchestral score with multiple themes. The CD features the soundtrack LP as released by Warner Bros. Records in 1978. The album runs 40:16 and sequences the score's major themes and setpieces for optimal listening presentation, in fine stereo sound as performed by The National Philharmonic Orchestra.
The Golden Age release is The Time Machine (1960), one of the most memorable cinematic signposts of author H.G. Wells and filmmaker George Pal. The score was by Russell Garcia, his most famous work. This CD marks the premiere release of the original soundtrack, the master tapes of which were recently considered to be lost, but turned up in Turner studio vaults. The complete symphonic score is presented in stereo, with "effects" passages interpolated in mono.
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