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Trevor Jones' Loch Ness
19-Sep-2005 - Perseverance Records has released the long-awaited score for Loch Ness (1996), starring Ted Danson, Joely Richardson and Ian Holm. The beautiful score by Trevor Jones matches the movie's themes and plotlines. Backing a full orchestra is an ensemble of traditional folk instruments that includes violin, fife, penny whistle, Bodhran drums, guitar and accordion. There's also a subtly used EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) that adds greatly to the atmosphere of the mystery. Unfortunately Loch Ness sold out in four days, and although Perseverance Records originally planned to limit the release to 1,000 CDs, the high demand for this title made them change their mind, and therefore they are pressing a second run of another 1,000. So hurry and order your copy now from Perseverance Records.

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