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Starship Troopers Game features 'Symphony of Bombast' by Richard Jacques.
20-Oct-2005 - Award-winning composer Richard Jacques (Headhunter series) recently completed the original orchestral score for Empire Interactive’s Starship Troopers™ (, the ground-breaking, epic bug-blasting first person shooter capturing for the first time the chaos, action and pure adrenaline rush of the definitive blockbuster sci-fi movie. Jacques is best-known for his anthemic and dramatic symphonic styles and was the natural choice for Starship TroopersTM.

Starship TroopersTM the videogame is the first opportunity to fully experience and expand on the events and storylines developed in Paul Verhoeven's classic movie. It is a must-buy title for fans of the Starship TroopersTM universe. Jacques said, “The score is very much in keeping with the Starship TroopersTM movies, and a variety of new themes and musical settings have been created. It is a ‘symphony of bombast’ that the fans demanded.”

Describing his approach to writing the major themes, he added, “The Bugs have a simple motif comprising of a rising interval, giving them a spikey edge as if they were to just come out of nowhere and lunge forward to attack. The Troopers, in contrast, have various heroic major key themes and the interplay between the two is evident throughout.”

Richard Jacques’ main theme for Starship TroopersTM premiered as a live symphony suite during the 2004 "GC"-Games Convention concert at the Gewandhaus concert hall in Leipzig, Germany, performed by members of the Prague Symphony Orchestra. His symphonic music from Headhunter is featured on the “Video Games Live” 2005 North American Tour and at the “Game On” art and culture exhibition currently touring the US.

Richard Jacques is represented by Bob Rice of Four Bars Intertainment. For more information visit

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