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21-Oct-2005 - From Film Score Monthly comes in the Golden Age Classics series Lili, a small and offbeat quasi-musical starring Leslie Caron as a homeless French orphan. The film is an archetypal example of a perfect music score - by Bronislau Kaper - turning an unusual story into a cinema classic. Lili was released on a four-track EP at the time of the film, but this CD marks the first release of the full score, including alternates and outtakes, in the best-possible monaural sound. In the Silver Age Classics series a 2CD set featuring three 1970s M-G-M soundtracks for films involving the work of "Hollywood author" Michael Crichton. The Carey Treatment (1972), starred James Coburn as a pathologist who solves a murder mystery at his Boston hospital. The melodic score is by British phenom Roy Budd. Westworld (1973) was a "high concept" film about a futuristic theme park gone awry. Fred Karlin's quirky, unconventional score combined ersatz western scoring, source cues, and strikingly original electronic music. This album features an expanded presentation. Coma (1978) was a medical thriller starring Genevieve Bujold as a doctor who uncovers a conspiracy at her hospital. Jerry Goldsmith's long-admired score features an unusual orchestra (mainly strings and keyboards) performing cues in only the second half of the picture. The CD features the complete soundtrack. FSM's 2CD set includes bonus tracks and outtakes, and a colorful 28-page booklet. All three scores are in stereo.
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