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Riccardo Giagni/Maurizio Rizzuto's Viva Zapatero!
15-Nov-2005 - CAM Original Soundtracks in Italy has released Viva Zapatero!, the new autobiographical feature documentary by comedian Sabina Guzzanti, presented at the 62nd Venice Film Festival (2005) in the Special Events section. At this festival, the movie received a 20-minute standing ovation. The movie is a satirical take on the freedom of expression stifled by the political scene in Italy’s entertainment world. There is a strong autobiographical streak in the movie, recounting the sometimes grotesque events that led to Sabina Guzzanti's defenestration from RAI (public Italian) television and the clumsy, embarrassed, and unfortunately, ignorant justifications brought forward by the individuals involved. The spunky original score is by composers Riccardo Giagni and Maurizio Rizzuto.
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