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Bruno Coulais' Les Rois Maudits
23-Nov-2005 - Universal Music France has released the soundtrack for the French/Italian TV mini, based on the novel by Maurice Druon, Les Rois Maudits, (The Cursed Kings). It is the early 1300's and the treasury of France, under the rule of Philippe IV (Philippe le Bel or Philippe the Beautiful), is empty. The king decides the only solution is to raid the treasures of the Knights Templar (amongst others) and concocts various charges of treason, heresy and deviance against the Knights and their Grand Master Jacques de Molay. What follows is one of the most dramatic periods in French history, half a century of political intrigue, murder, treason, war and famine, which ultimately culminates in the 100 Years War. Once again Bruno Coulais surprises us with a majestic, symphonic score that underlines this historic tragedy.
For more info, visit Universal Music France. Buy from Amazon.France.

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