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David Clynick's Perfect Dark Zero
4-Dec-2005 - Sumthing Else Music Works has released Perfect Dark Zero. The soundtrack features original musical compositions and arrangements by David Clynick who is best known for composing the cinematic music in the first Perfect Dark® with Grant Kirkhope. Clynick has combined epic sci-fi soundscapes with a hypnotic, electronic dance feel that sets the pace and tone for one of the most highly-anticipated Xbox 360™ launch titles. The progressive style of the game’s surreal and melodic score is complemented with adrenaline-pumping tracks written exclusively for Perfect Dark Zero by the cutting-edge band MorissonPoe and San Francisco house music DJs, Kepi and Kat, and selected by album producer Nile Rodgers to synergize their music with the immersive gameplay action, beautiful graphics and breathtaking special effects.
For more info, visit Sumthing Else Music Works.

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