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John Debney & George Acogny Duma
8-Dec-2005 - From Varèse Sarabande comes the score for Duma, the powerful adventure tale of an unbreakable bond of friendship between a cheetah named Duma and a courageous young boy named Xan. Xan faces the true test of love when he must cross the wilds of Southern Africa to return his best friend to his rightful home. When Xan and his father Peter come across an orphaned cheetah cub, they name their new friend “Duma,” the Swahili name for cheetah, and he quickly becomes a member of the family. But when Duma is almost fully grown, to Xan’s dismay, his father tells him that it’s time to take his friend to his real home before he grows too old to survive in his native habitat. The beautiful and exotic score that accompanies Xan and Duma on their adventures was composed by John Debney and George Acogny.
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