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Elmer Bernstein and Gabriel Yared in October at Flanders International Film Festival.
21-Mar-2001 - Elmer Bernstein and Gabriel Yared have agreed to do a concert of their scores at the Flanders International Film Festival at Gand this October. The concert will take place on October 18, in the Vlaamse Opera.

The topic of the yearly film music seminar, that will take place on October 19, is: 'Music in animated movies'. Which composers will attend this meeting will be announced later.

And on October 14 at the same Festival in Gand there is, in the Vlaamse Opera, the World Premiere of the silent German classic movie 'Orlacs Hände', in 1924 directed by Robert Wiene. This movie has a complete new score by the young German composer Henning Lohner. The music will be performed by the National Orchestra of Belgium, conducted by Dirk Brossé.

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