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5-Jan-2006 - DigitMovies in Italy presents three special releases. They continue their music celebration of Mario Bava, The Italian Master of Horror and Thriller, releasing a 2-CD set in the third volume of the series MARIO BAVA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKS ANTHOLOGY focusing on the three original scores composed and conducted by Stelvio Cipriani for Ecologia Del Delitto (Bay of blood) (1971), Gli Orrori Del Castello Di Norimberga (Baron Blood) (1972) and Cani Arrabbiati (Rabid dogs) (1973). The release of this two disc set became possible again thanks to the cooperation of the C.A.M. Film Music Archives. From Ecologia Del Delitto only a single was issued in 1971 (C.A.M. AMP 95). The three scores have survived until today in their integrity and were recorded in full stereo.
Digitmovies explores one more time the Spaghetti Western wild land, releasing for the first time in full stereo the complete score of Blindman, composed and conducted by Stelvio Cipriani. Until today, from this score no one single note has been issued either on 45 rpm singles or compilation albums since the theatrical release: so this is really a world premiere CD recording of a great orchestral score that deserved a CD presentation, directly edited and remastered from Stelvio Cipriani’s stereo mastertapes.
The third release is Un Bianco Vestito Per Marialè, with music by Fiorenzo Carpi, and arranged and conducted by Bruno Nicolai. By searching particularly in the Gemelli vaults, DigitMovies discovered two stereo master tapes with the whole score as recorded in October 1972. They selected, edited and restored the score in its chronological order as it appeared in the film. The score is dominated by the Marialé Theme both with piano and orchestra and Edda Dell'Orso's voice and orchestra versions and several lounge and tensive themes.
For more info and ordering, visit DigitMovies.

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