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16-Feb-2006 - Digitmovies continues its journey of exploring the wide Italian Western field releasing for the first time the original soundtrack from the 1966 movie El Cisco, composed and conducted by Bruno Nicolai. Until today not a single note from this soundtrack has been issued, but fortunately the original mastertapes were found in the Edipan Archives. The mastertapes were not only in particularly good condition, but were also recorded in splendid stereo sound. Bruno Nicolai composed a symphonic score which alternates quiet pastoral moments to other violent very dramatic and dissonant ones given by powerful brass and percussions, incorporating the classical elements of both the Italian and American Westerns.
A true classic soundtrack by Bruno Nicolai is also presented here for the very first time on CD: La Battaglia Del Deserto (aka Desert battle), an adventure war movie. In 1969 a monaural LP album had been released on the Italian Gemelli label (GG 10.001). After research in the Edipan archives, the original album mastertape as well as the mastertapes containing the complete recording session could be located. Apart from being in magnificent condition, the mastertapes had been mixed in great stereo sound! For certain obscure reasons, a mono mix of the selected tracks was prepared for the original LP album, therefore this CD is the very first stereo presentation of this wonderful score.
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