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Hans Zimmer - The Early Years
1-Mar-2006 - Milan Records has released two long awaited albums with scores from Hans Zimmer's early years. In the early 1980ís, Zimmer began working with the film composer Stanley Myers. Realizing the importance of incorporating the two musical forms, electronic and classical, they went on to compose the music for the box office hits My Beautiful Launderette (Best Picture - Evening Standard Awards) and A World Apart. Based on a true story, this film was not just a coming of age for the voice of the struggle, but a musical turning point in Zimmer's career. Volume one: Hans Zimmer - The British Years, contains music from his period with Stanley Myers in London: Burning Secret, My Beautiful Laundrette and A World Apart. The second volume: Hans Zimmer - Good Morning, America!, features music from his early years in the US: Broken Arrow, Nine Months, Point of No Return, Beyond Rangoon and the Ron Howard film Backdraft.
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