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Inon Zur scores “Dramatic Fantastic” trailer album
18-Mar-2006 - Award-winning composer Inon Zur has written and recorded a new collection of original orchestral music for use in Hollywood motion picture trailers. Entitled Dramatic Fantastic, the album is commissioned by BMG Zomba and will be released through their subsidiary label Bruton Music on April 1st. Zur was hired to write a range of dramatic orchestral music based on his emotionally charged scores for film, television and blockbuster video game franchises such as Prince of Persia, EverQuest, and SOCOM.

The “Dramatic Fantastic” trailer album features an eclectic collection of exhilarating and stirring Hollywood-calibre feature film music including anthemic and bombastic orchestral, choral, classical, fantasy, sci-fi, military, Middle-Eastern, and epic finale suites, each tailored with Zur’s infectious and in-demand, distinctive style.

Zur conducted and recorded with the critically acclaimed 80-piece Northwest Sinfonia at the prestigious Bastyr University Chapel in Seattle, the recording venue for numerous feature films including Underworld, The Gift, Pitch Black, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Brokeback Mountain, Arlington Road; hit TV shows including Battlestar Galactica, Helen of Troy and Zur's own Au Pair and Au Pair 2 telemovie scores for Twentieth Century Fox, as well as several high profile video game scores such as Zur’s Shadow Ops: Red Mercury and SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs. The “Dramatic Fantastic” recording sessions were supervised by Roberto Borzoni, Music Producer for BMG Zomba Production Music, the music was mixed at Zur’s project studio in Sherman Oaks and co-produced by Dori Amarilio, and the album was mastered by Chris Parmenidis at Unity Mastering.

Duncan Schwier, Creative Manager at BMG Zomba Production Music, said, “I’m delighted with the whole project, especially the extraordinary talents of Inon Zur. Inon is a composer of great talent and originality. That, together with his energy and enthusiasm is reflected in the music on the Dramatic Fantastic production. It’s powerful and emotional, with a great sense of theatre and impact. The orchestration is punchy and creative, and I am certain that Inon’s music will become the soundtrack of choice for the Trailer industry.”

Zur’s powerful orchestral scores have previously featured in the promotional trailers for Hollywood movies such as Annapolis (Touchstone Pictures), The New World (New Line Cinema), Kingdom Of Heaven (Twentieth Century Fox), The Pacifier (Walt Disney Pictures), The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Touchstone Pictures), and Fantastic Four (Marvel/Twentieth Century Fox).

Inon’s music can also be heard in the hit television series Into The West from Executive Producer Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks Television. Inon is a classically trained graduate of the Music Academy of Tel Aviv in Israel, and also studied at the Dick Grove School of Music and UCLA. Inon Zur is managed by Bob Rice of Four Bars Intertainment.

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