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Norbert Gilbert
Find Me In Paris
22D Music no label number (24-Jan-20 )
Laurence Love Greed
Serial Killer's Guide To Life, A
Laurence Love Greed no label number (20-Jan-20 )
Ian LeCheminant
Solar Flare Music no label number (28-Jan-20 )
Emil Stern
Mazel Tov Ou Le Marriage
RCA Victor/Legacy (7-Feb-20 )
Dan Levy
J'ai Perdu Mon Corps
Lakeshore Records 35527 (24-Jan-20 )
Dan Levy
J'ai Perdu Mon Corps
Invada Records 236 (31-Jan-20 )
Johnny Jewel
Don't Come Back From The Moon
Italians Do It Better 0055587 (31-Jan-20 )
David Russo, ...
Windows On The World
Ropeadope 500 (17-Jan-20 )
Nathan Johnson
Knives Out
Mondo MOND111 (31-Jan-20 )
Adam Ginsberg
The DJ Hell Experience HELLEX 001CD (31-Jan-20 )