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John Beal

Country of origin
United States 

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Born in Santa Monica, California, USA.
Sometimes credited as:
John-Everett Beal

Award winning film and television composer, recording artist and conductor John Beal’s music has been selected for the President of the United States of America's AIR FORCE ONE, his recordings have received numerous awards and he has also achieved fame as one of the world's leading providers of original scores for motion picture marketing. John brings a background rooted in symphonic, stage, jazz and contemporary music. John has scored 35 theatrical or television films and documentaries, 26 major network television series or specials, and has been music director/music consultant for over 20 major network specials. Before his film career, John was music director, arranger and performer with recording artists Olivia Newton-John, Johnny Mathis, Gladys Knight, B.B. King, Captain & Tennille, Raquel Welch and many more.

John’s films include Zero To Sixty, Countdown to Invasion, A Journey In Faith, Funhouse, Terror In the Aisles, The Secret World of Spying and contributions to Under the Volcano, The Stone Boy, From a Whisper to a Scream, Defiance and The Man With Bogart’s Face. John’s hit television shows include Chicago Story, Vegas, Good Time Girls, Eight Is Enough and Happy Days.

In addition, as a composer for theatrical marketing, John is trusted by virtually every studio to write original scores to help sell their films. His trailer music has been heard by more moviegoers than many feature film composers. With over 500 theatrical trailers and approximately 2,000 commercials for films, including thirty of the top grossing films of all time, such as The Matrix, Forrest Gump, Aladdin, Braveheart, The Mask of Zorro, Patriot Games, JFK, True Lies and many more, the success of marketing campaigns to which John Beal has contributed original music is literally measured in billions of dollars.

John also enjoys a successful career in advertising as a composer and music producer for over 35 national advertisers, including Intel, MCI, Microsoft, FlexJet, Dr. Pepper, Apple, Ben & Jerry's, and NASDAQ. John’s other clients include Arista, Buena Vista Marketing, Columbia/TriStar Pictures, Miramax Films, MGM, New Line Cinema, Fine Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, Rastar Films, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, ABC, CBS, NBC Television, Kaleidoscope Film Group, Aspect Ratio, The Cimarron Group, Creative Domain, Intralink, and Disney theme parks.

Named in numerous "Who's Who" publications, John’s honors include two Key Art awards, Golden Score Award, Film Music Critics Award, two Readers Choice awards, Moviescore Online award, two trailer awards from, and recognition for his contribution to two Emmy awards.  

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