Lisa Gerrard
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1999   Insider, The  
  Columbia CK 63918 United States CD
  Sony Music Entertainment SRCS 2231 Japan CD
  Columbia 496458 2 United States CD
  Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax 496458 2 Austria CD
  Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax 2-496458 Brazil CD
2000   Gladiator  
  Decca 289 467 094-2 United States CD
  Decca 016 649-2 European Union CD
  Decca/Universal POCF-1029 Japan CD
  Decca 467 094-2 DH Germany CD
  Decca 476 163 2 Germany CD
  Decca 4806162 Japan CD
  Decca 013 192-2 DH Germany CD
  Silva Screen Records SILKD6046 Great Britain CD
  Decca 467094-2(24) Mexico CD
  Decca 440 013 192-2 United States CD
  Decca no number United States CD-SINGLE
  Universal Music Japan UCCL-9013 Japan CD
  Dreamgate ZYX 9393-8 Germany CD-SINGLE
  Silva Screen SILCD1238 Great Britain CD
  Universal Music ORG 050 United States CD
  Decca 02894670942 Brazil CD
  Silva Screen Records SILED6046 Great Britain Other
  Eagle Records/Universal EDGCD670 European Union CD
  Decca 440 013 192-2 United States CD
  Silva Screen SILCD1170 Great Britain CD
  Decca Records 467 094-2 Australia CD
  Decca UCCL-1007 Japan CD
  Decca Records 476 5223 European Union CD
  Universal Music Special Markets ORG 050 United States LP
2001   Ali  
  Decca 016 967-2 United States CD
  Interscope Records 493 173-2 United States CD
2002   Whale Rider  
  4AD Records CAD 2304CD Great Britain CD
  Music on Vinyl MOVLP369 Netherlands LP
  4AD Records 72304 United States CD
2004   Layer Cake  
  EMI Records 8 66432 2 United States CD
  EMI B0002QFCU0 Great Britain CD
  Salem's Lot  
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 6586 Germany CD
  Varese Sarabande 302 066 586 2 United States CD
2005   Ashes And Snow  
  Inaudible Records no label number United States CD
  Silva Screen SILCD1170 Great Britain CD
  EMI Hungary 860308 Hungary CD
  EMI Classics 094635963922 United States CD
  EMI Italiana 8603312 Italy CD
  Folio 82099-1 Hungary CD
  EMI 7243 860331 2 3 European Union CD
  Thousand Roads, A  
  Reincarnate Music 1219 United States CD
2006   Sanctuary: Lisa Gerrard  
  Milan Records United States DVD
2008   Ichi  
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-63037 Japan CD
2011   Priest  
  GKM no label number United States CD
  Madison Gate Records no label number United States Other
  Varese Sarabande 302 067 159 2 United States CD
2013   Bible, The  
  Mercer Street Records 70000 United States CD
2016   Jane Got A Gun  
  Varese Sarabande United States Other
2017   2:22  
  Varese Sarabande 302 067 494 8 United States CD
2019   Secret Bridesmaids' Business  
  Air-Edel Records Great Britain Other
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