Mischa Bakaleinikoff
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Schiwago-Melodie  
  Telefunken SLE 14 549-P Germany LP
1932   Fighting Fool, The  
1935   Outlawed Guns  
  Whole Town's Talking, The  
  Twilight Time United States DVD
1944   Cry of the Werewolf  
1945   My Name is Julia Ross  
1946   Blondie Knows Best  
  Blondie's Lucky Day  
  Close Call for Ellery Queen  
1949   Barbary Pirate  
  Cowboy And The Indians, The  
  Mary Ryan, Detective  
1950   Indian Territory  
  Last of the Buccaneers  
  Palomino, the  
  Revenue Agent  
  State of Penitentiaty  
  Tyrant of the Sea  
1951   Al Jennings of Oklahoma  
  Big Gusher, the  
  China Corsair  
  Criminal Lawyer  
  Hurricane Island  
  Magic Carpet  
  Silver Canyon  
  Smuggler's Gold  
  When the Redskins Rode  
1952   Brave Warrior  
  Cripple Creek  
  Golden Hawk, the  
  Hangman's Knot  
  Harem Girl  
  Hawk of Wild River, the  
  Last Train from Bombay  
  Montana Territory  
  Pathfinder, the  
  Target Hong Kong  
  Voodoo Tiger  
1953   49th Man, the  
  Bad for Each Other  
  Conquest of Cochise  
  El Alamein  
  Goldtown Ghost Riders  
  Gun Fury  
  Twilight Time no label number United States DVD
  Jack McCall, Desperado  
  Killer Ape  
  On Top of Old Smoky  
  Prince of Pirates  
  Prisoners of the Casbah  
  Serpent of the Nile  
  Slaves of Babylon  
  Stranger Wore a Gun, the  
  Valley of Headhunters  
1954   Bamboo Prison, the  
  Battle of Rogue River  
  Black Dakotas  
  Cannibal Attack  
  Drums of Tahiti  
  Iron Glove, the  
  Jesse James vs the Daltons  
  Jungle Man-Eaters  
  Law Vs Billy The Kid, The  
  Massacre Canyon  
  Masterson Of Kansas  
  Miami Story, the  
  Outlaw Stallion, the  
  Saracen Blade, the  
1955   Apache Ambush  
  Cell 2455, Death Row  
  Creature from the Atom Brain  
  Crooked Web, the  
  Devil Goddess  
  Duel on the Mississippi  
  Inside Detroit  
  It Came From Beneath The Sea  
  Monstrous Movie Music MMM-1950 United States CD
  Jungle Moon Men  
  New Orleans Uncensored  
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