Dana Kaproff
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1968   Hawaii Five-O  
  Music For Pleasure 2M046-95686 France LP
  Capitol Records ST-410 Great Britain LP
  RCA Records APL1-1896 United States LP
  Paramount Records LR-2511 Japan 45RPM
  RCA Records RS 1086 (APL1-1896) Great Britain LP
  RCA Records 74321664972 Spain CD
  Capitol Records SM-410 United States LP
  Capitol Records ST 410 United States LP
  Capitol Records CP-8941 Japan LP
  Rhino R2 75866 United States CD
  Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 13 No. 14 United States CD
1975   Ellery Queen  
1976   Bionic Woman, The  
  JHCD 23 United States CD
  JHCD 30 United States CD
  Five Jays Records FJCD 001/002 Switzerland CD
  JHCD 25 United States CD
  Wonderland Records WLP 308 United States LP
  JHCD 28 United States CD
  Ellery Queen  
1977   Amazing Spider-Man, The  
  Silva Screen Records SILCD 1391 Great Britain CD
  Captain and the Kings  
  Empire Of The Ants  
  Kritzerland KR 20014-5 United States CD
1978   Last of the Good Guys, the  
  Once an Eagle  
1979   Alfa Film, the  
  Best Sellers Theme  
  Knots Landing  
  BBC Records RESL 87 Netherlands 45RPM
  BBC Records INT 113.007 Germany 45RPM
  Geek Music United States Other
  Late Great Planet Earth, The  
  RCR Productions ACG-10022 United States LP
  Ultimate Imposter, the  
  When A Stranger Calls  
  Second Sight Films 2NDBR4093CD Great Britain CD
  Kritzerland KR 20022-4 United States CD
1980   Belle Starr  
  Big Red One, the  
  Scared Straight!: Another Story  
1981   Berlin Tunnel 21  
  Death Valley  
  Inmates: a Love Story  
1982   Boone  
  Coming, the  
1983   Golden Seal, The  
  Compleat Records CP 113X Great Britain 45RPM
  Victor VIPX-1770 Japan 45RPM
  Compleat Records CSTR 6001 United States LP
  Intrada Special Collection Volume 89 United States CD
  Compleat Records CLTLP 351 Great Britain LP
  Compleat CSTR-4-6001 United States Cassette
1984   Second Sight: a Love Story  
1985   Between the Darkness and the Dawn  
  Winner Never Quits, a: the Peter Gray Story  
1986   Firefighter  
  Smokey Mountain Christmas, a  
1987   Doctors Wild  
1988   Doin' Time On Planet Earth  
  Edel SIL 1528 Germany CD
  I Saw What You Did  
  People Across the Lake  
  Stick, the  
1989   Full Exposure: the Sex Tape Scandal  
  High Desert Kill  
1990   Blind Vengeance  
  China Lake Murders, the  
  Shades of L.A.  
1991   My Son Johnny  
  Silent Motive  
  This Gun for Hire  
1992   Calendar Girl, Cop Killer?: Bambi Bembenek Story  
  Jackie Collins' 'Lady Boss'  
1993   Tainted Blood  
  When a Stranger Calls Back  
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