Paul Sawtell
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1940   Adventures Of Red Ryder  
  Cinedisc CDC 1018 United States CD
  Bullet Code  
  King Of The Royal Mounted  
  Cinedisc CDC 1018 United States CD
1941   Gay Falcon, the  
1942   Bandit Ranger  
  Hillbilly Blitzkrieg  
  Pirates of the Prairie  
  Scattergood Rides High  
  Scattergood Survives a Murder  
  Valley of the Sun  
1943   Avenging Rider, the  
  Calling Dr. Death  
  Cinderella Swings It  
  Fighting Frontier  
  Tarzan Triumphs  
  Tarzan's Desert Mystery  
1944   Dead Man's Eyes  
  Mr. Winkle Goes to War  
  Mummy's Curse, the  
  Mystery Man  
  Pearl of Death  
  Scarlet Claw, The  
  Pample TSC 1943 United States LP
  Secret Command  
  Weird Woman  
  Youth Runs Wild  
1945   Cornered  
  Cloud Nine Records CNS 5008 Great Britain CD
  Falcon in San Francisco, the  
  Fighting Guardsman, the  
  Game Of Death, A  
  House of Fear, the  
  I Loved a Bandleader  
  Tarzan and the Amazons  
  Wanderer of the Wasteland  
  West of the Pecos  
1946   Cat Creeps, the  
  Crime Doctor's Warning  
  Criminal Court  
  Danger Woman  
  Dressed To Kill  
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 5692 Germany CD
  Varese Sarabande VSD 5692 United States CD
  Falcon's Adventure, the  
  San Quentin  
  Step By Step  
  Strange Conquest  
  Sunset Pass  
  Tarzan and the Leopard Woman  
  Vacation in Reno  
  Wild Beauty  
1947   Blind Spot  
  Born To Kill  
  Giant Steps GSCR 019 Great Britain CD
  Rhino Records R2-72466 United States CD
  Code of the West  
  Devil Thumbs a Ride, the  
  Dick Tracy Meet Cruesome  
  Dick Tracy's Dilemma  
  For You I Die  
  Keeper of the Bees  
  Seven Keys to Baldpate  
  Tarzan and the Huntress  
  Thunder Mountain  
  Trail Street  
  Under the Tonto Rim  
  Vigilante Return, the  
  Wild Horse Mesa  
1948   Arizona Ranger, the  
  Black Arrrow, the  
  Design for Death  
  Four Faces West  
  Gun Smugglers  
  Guns of Hate  
  Mystery in Mexico  
  Northwest Stampede  
  Raw Deal  
  Return of the Bad Man  
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