Michael Gore
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1980   Fame  
  RSO Records RX-1-3080 United States LP
  RCA Records LP 6057 United States LP
  RCA Records RCALP 6057 Great Britain LP
  RSO Records LPR 16365 LP
  Polydor 800 034-2 United States CD
  Saban Records SAB 5155 France 45RPM
  Polydor POCP 2003 Japan CD
  RCA Records AFL1.4259 LP
  RSO 825 388 4 Y 1 United States Cassette
  RSO Records 2090450 United States 45RPM
  RCA Victor PL 14525 LP
  RSO Records 2394 265 Germany LP
  RSO Records 800 034-2 Germany CD
  RSO Records MWF 1088 LP
  RSO Deluxe 2479 253 Netherlands LP
  RSO Records 2090 469 Netherlands 45RPM
  RSO Records 2394265 United States LP
  RCA Records PC 1983 LP
  Rhino Records R2 73862 United States CD
  RSO Records 810724.1 LP
  RSO RX-1-3080 United States LP
  RSO Records DWQ 6096 Japan 45RPM
  RCA Records 89267 United States CD
  RCA Records PL 14259 United States LP
  RSO Deluxe 2479 253 Great Britain LP
  RSO 2090 450 Germany 45RPM
1982   Fame  
  RCA Victor PL 14259/0-7863-54259-1 Sweden LP
  RCA Records PL 14259 France LP
  BMG/RCA ND90427 Germany CD
1983   Terms Of Endearment  
  Capitol Records CDP 7 46076 2 United States CD
  Cinerama/Edel 0022312CIN Germany CD
  Capitol Records EST 240 1221 LP
  Capitol ECS-17446 Japan 45RPM
  Sony Classical SK 87736 United States CD
  Capitol Records SV-12329 United States LP
  Capitol Records 4XV-12329 United States Cassette
  EMI Records 240 1221 France LP
  Capitol Records SLEM 1203 Mexico LP
  EMI Records 1A006 2001347 Netherlands 45RPM
  Capitol Records 1A 064-2401221 Netherlands LP
  Quartet Records QR143 Spain CD
  Capitol Records 064240122 LP
1986   Pretty In Pink  
  A&M Records CD 3901 United States CD
  A&M Records 395 113-2 Germany CD
  A&M Records LP 395 113-1 Germany LP
  A&M Records CD 69988 Canada CD
  A&M Records SP-5113 United States LP
  Mars Entertainment M44012-2 United States CD
  A&M Records CD 3293 United States CD
1990   Boyfriend School (aka: Don't tell Her It's Me)  
  Don't Tell Her It's Me  
1991   Butcher's Wife, the  
  Defending Your Life  
  Columbia CK 47836 United States CD
1993   Mr. Wonderful  
1995   Best Of Jack Nicholson  
  Cinerama/Edel 0022312CIN Germany CD
1996   Evening Star, The  
  Angel 54567 United States CD
1999   Superstar  
  Jellybean Records 5012 United States CD
2001   Brat Pack Years, The  
  Mars Entertainment M44012-2 United States CD
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