Pierre Bachelet
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1974   Emmanuelle  
  Silva Screen SIL 5058-2 Great Britain CD
  Warner Bros. WB 16483 Germany 45RPM
  BASF 06 12418-3 Germany 45RPM
  Durium Ld A 7870 Italy 45RPM
  Warner Bros. P 6353 W LP
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1263 Great Britain CD
  Polydor 2060 079 Portugal 45RPM
  Warner Bros. Records K 16483 Italy 45RPM
  Barclay 900.567 France LP
  Variety Film FNP-NP 10222 Italy 45RPM
  Olympo S-40 Spain 45RPM
  Warner Bros. WPCP 3858 Japan CD
  Barclay/Trinacra 620.077 France 45RPM
  Philips SFL-1877 Japan 45RPM
  Fonola SP 8068 Italy 45RPM
  Barclay 80545 France LP
  Warner Bros. Records WPCR-75276 Japan CD
  Osiris OS 0015 Portugal 45RPM
  Warner Bros. Records WB 56084 Germany LP
  Warner Bros. P-8518W Japan LP
  Warner Bros. LWB-5155 Mexico LP
  Arista Records AL4036 United States LP
  Silva Screen SILCD1207 Great Britain CD
  Barclay FM-1078 Japan 45RPM
  Cinevox MDF 063 Italy 45RPM
  Warner Bros. K 56084 Great Britain LP
  Columbia LL-2639-N Japan 45RPM
  Olympo L-311 Spain LP
1975   Emmanuelle 2  
  Warner Bros. P-1437W Japan 45RPM
  CBS Records 4089 Italy 45RPM
  Milan SLP 129 France LP
  TMS/Sion 18601 France CD
  Seven Seas K20P-4149 Japan LP
  Wip Records 861 008 France 45RPM
  CBS Records 4211 Italy 45RPM
  Seven Seas FML 51 Japan LP
  Soundtrack Listeners Communications SLCS-5035 Japan CD
  RCA Records RVP-6016 Japan LP
  Warner Bros WEA 56 556 A France LP
  Gamma GX 01-1062 Mexico LP
  Warner Bros. K 56231 Greece LP
  Editions 23 001 France CD
  Wip Records 45-1324 Spain 45RPM
  WEA 76026 Turkey 45RPM
  CBS Records 81313 Italy LP
  WEA Music GmbH/Warner Communications WB 16 722 Germany 45RPM
  FGL Music PL2101463-LP France LP
  Victor VICP-60709 Japan CD
  Silva Screen Records SILCD1338 Great Britain CD
  Polydor DP4001 Japan 45RPM
  Wip Records 863 002 France LP
  WEA 17204 France 45RPM
  Histoire D'O  
  CAM CVS 900-050 Italy CD
  RCA Records 26.11358 Germany 45RPM
  Polydor 823 524-1 France LP
  Bocaccio Records B 32525 Spain 45RPM
  Barclay 80571 France LP
  EMI Records EMC 2541 Australia LP
  Bellaphon BL 11339 Germany 45RPM
  Barclay HIT-2236 Japan 45RPM
  Seven Seas KICP 400 Japan CD
  CAM SAG 9065 Italy LP
  CAM AMP 162 Italy 45RPM
  Philips SFL-2052 Japan 45RPM
  CAM 493100 Italy CD
  Ariola 16 444 AT Germany 45RPM
  Harmony H 6002 Italy 45RPM
  RCA Records RVP-6016 Japan LP
  CAM CSE 081 Italy CD
  Able ABL 17005 Canada LP
  Barclay 620.139 France 45RPM
  Polydor DP 4005 Japan 45RPM
  Odeon/EMI Records EOS-80404 Japan LP
  CAM CSE 800-143 Italy CD
  Decca SKL R 5235 United States LP
  RCA Victor/Telectra 20 153 Portugal 45RPM
  Musart Edip-60311 Mexico LP
  CAM 493208-2 Italy CD
  Ariola 89596 OT Germany LP
  Decca/CAM 6.11846 AC Germany 45RPM
  Music Box Records MBR-147 France CD
  CAM 74321130722 France CD
  Barclay 900568 France LP
  CAM AMP 163 Italy 45RPM
  Barclay MB 28.135 Germany 45RPM
  Orfeu ATEP 6732 Portugal 45RPM
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