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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1956   Rock, Rock, Rock  
  Columbia SEG 7676 Great Britain EP
  Universal/Chess B0001751-02 United States CD
  a DCA release/Pre-CHESS release No label number United States LP
  Serenade To A Princess  
  Mercury Records MG-20156 United States LP
1957   Big Hits From Columbia Pictures  
  Golden Tone 9632S United States LP
  Tops L1632 United States LP
  Bill Hayes Sings The Best of Disney  
  ABC-Paramount ABC-194 United States LP
  Satchmo The Great  
  Columbia JCL 1077 United States LP
  CBS Records 62547 United States LP
  Columbia Records LL-169 Japan 45RPM
  Columbia CL 1077 United States LP
1958   Hooray For Hollywood  
  Columbia Records CL 1366 United States LP
  King Creole  
  RCA Records SF8231 Great Britain LP
  RCA Records 3733-2-R United States CD
  RCA Victor LSP 1884e LP
  RCA Records 75.475 France EP
  RCA Victor AYL 1-3733E LP
  RCA Records BM 720 United States CD
  RCA Records 67454-2 United States CD
  RCA International INTS 5103 LP
  RCA Victor 461 028 France LP
  RCA Records ND 83733 Germany CD
  RCA Victor LMP 1884 LP
  Sony Music Entertainment RCA 88843016642-01 to RCA 88843016642-20 European Union CD
  RCA International NL 83733 Spain LP
  RCA Victor Gold Standard Series EPA-5122 United States EP
  RCA Victor 47-9201 Germany 45RPM
  RCA Victor LSP 1884e LP
  RCA Records 75.474 France EP
  RCA Victor AFL 1-1884E LP
  RCA Victor LSP 1884e United States LP
  RCA Records 33022 Spain EP
  el Records ACMEMD286CD Great Britain CD
  Sea Hunt  
  RCA Victor LSP-2042 United States LP
  RCA Victor LPM-2042 United States LP
  RCA Records 74321609942 Spain CD
1959   Behind The Great Wall  
  Monitor 525 LP
  Bozo The Clown  
  Music For Little People 73974 United States CD
  Go, Johnny, Go!  
  Jasmine Records JASMCD 2633 Great Britain CD
  Pete Kelly's Blues  
  Columbia CL 690 United States LP
  Warner Bros. WS 1303 United States LP
  Warner Bros. W 1290 United States LP
  RCA Records LPM-2053 United States LP
  RCA Victor LPM-1126 United States LP
  Pieces Of Eight  
  Offbeat 4016 LP
  Themes From The Hip  
  Roulette R 25073 United States LP
1960   1-2-3-4 Ou Les Collants Noirs  
  RCA Victor International FSO 3 United States LP
  Moranbong, Une Aventure Coréenne  
  Disques BAM LD 379 France EP
  Mr. Jinks, Pixie & Dixie  
  Colpix 280 United States LP
  Music From Million Dollar Movies  
  RCA Victor LSC-2380 United States LP
1961   1961 Themes  
  London Records LL 3238 United States LP
  Dolce Vita, La - And Other Great Motion Picture Themes  
  RCA Victor Compact 33 Double LSP 2410 United States LP
  Io Bacio... Tu Baci  
  RCA Serie Europa PM45-0137 Italy 45RPM
  More Original Soundtracks And Hit Music From Great Motion Picture Themes  
  United Artists UAL 3158 United States LP
  Rhythm In Motion  
  Columbia CS 8467 United States LP
  Orfeo 10.069 MONO Argentina LP
  Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 9 No. 8 United States CD
  Orfeo 210.069 STEREO Argentina LP
  Teenage Millionaire  
  Fraternity Records F-884 United States 45RPM
  Ace Records LP 1014 United States LP
1962   Don't Knock The Twist  
  Parkway P 7011 LP
  Great Hits From Hit Films  
  Command RS 33 835 United States LP
  Here At Water's Edge  
  Folkways FX 6161 United States LP
  Julie And Carol At Carnegie Hall  
  Columbia OS-2240 United States LP
  Columbia OL 5840 United States LP
  Columbia CK 2240 United States CD
  Liberté I  
  Philips DELUXE 424.277 BE France EP
  Philips MEDIUM 432.778 BE France EP
  More Hit TV Themes  
  Capitol Records T 1869 United States LP
  Movie Themes For Teens  
  MGM Records E/SE-3979 United States LP
  Music And Songs From Italian Films Of International Fame  
  RCA Victor International FOC 4 United States LP
  Route 66 Theme And Other Great TV Themes  
  Capitol Records ST 1771 United States LP
  Capitol Records T 1771 United States LP
  Television's Greatest Hits  
  TVT Records TVT 5005 United States LP
  The Mickey Mouse Club  
  Disneyland Records DQ 1229 United States LP
  Themes From Ben Casey, The  
  Carlton Records LP 143 United States LP
  Diplomat Records DS 2269 United States LP
1963   1963 The Year's Most Popular Themes  
  Command Records RS854SD United States LP
  Brigitte Bardot Sings  
  Lilith LR146 Russia LP
  Philips PCC-604 United States LP
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