John Barry
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1962   Dr. No  
  United Artists UAS 5108 United States LP
  Columbia CS 9508 United States LP
  Ascot US 16504 United States LP
  Sony Music/Columbia COL 480672 2 France CD
  United Artists UXS-91 United States LP
  See For Miles/Charley Records CM 110 Great Britain LP
  United Artists UEP 1010 Great Britain EP
  United Artists FM-1038 Japan 45RPM
  United Artists UAL 3480 United States LP
  Milan Music 399 740-2 France CD
  United Artists Records SR 343 Japan LP
  Columbia 488582-6 France CD
  Sunset DA 5035 Netherlands LP
  United Artists UAL 4108 United States LP
  Silva Screen ACCCD 1002 Great Britain CD
  CBS Records S 64816 Netherlands LP
  United Artists UA 581 United States 45RPM
  Emarcy/Universal Music 532 720 2 France CD
  Artone DR 25.237 Netherlands 45RPM
  United Artists UA46 Japan 45RPM
  Vik/RCA Italiana KLVP 144 Italy LP
  Victor SCP-1162 Japan EP
  Silva Screen Records FILMXCD 349 Great Britain CD
  Columbia DB 4898 Great Britain 45RPM
  Liberty CDP 7 46079 2 Great Britain CD
  EMI Records 0777 7 96210 2 6 Netherlands CD
  CBS Records SBPG 62402 Great Britain LP
  Liberty Records EMS 1265 Great Britain LP
  Columbia JST 44376 United States Cassette
  Philips FL-1142 Japan 45RPM
  United Artists UAL 3303 United States LP
  Ember NR 5025 Great Britain LP
  United Artists UA 863 United States 45RPM
  Toshiba EMI TOCP 8802 Japan CD
  United Artists LA 275-G United States LP
  CBS Records SS 63038 Great Britain LP
  United Artists UAD.60027/8 Great Britain LP
  Capitol/EMI Records 72435-80890-2-8 United States CD
  Polydor 2383 156 Great Britain LP
  Ember NR 5025 Great Britain LP
  RCA Camden CAS-913 United States LP
  United Artists FMS-1050 Japan 45RPM
  Metro MS-520 United States LP
  Disconforme Cristal 8436539312864 Andorra CD
  RCA Camden CAM-172 Mexico LP
  Silva America 1100 United States CD
  United Artists GXH 6015 Japan LP
  Liberty Records LO-51138 United States LP
  Columbia/Sony Music 476750-2 Great Britain CD
  Liberty/Toshiba Japan CP32-5046 Japan CD
  Liberty Records LIB 10169 Great Britain 45RPM
  Columbia CL 2493 United States LP
  La Voz De Su Amo 7PL 63.082 Spain 45RPM
  CBS Records 33.352 Argentina EP
  Capitol Records T 2455 United States LP
  Capitol Records/EMI CAP 28419-1 European Union LP
  Columbia CK 44376 United States CD
  Liberty Records LBS 70164 LP
  CBS Records France CBS 466900 2 France CD
  Liberty MGM-UA 7777-51138-1 United States LP
  Silva Screen TVPMCD 808 Great Britain CD
  Silva America SSD 1128 United States CD
  Liberty Records 4LT-50275 United States Cassette
  King Records FM 2010 Japan 45RPM
  United Artists 36 035 France 45RPM
  Harkit Records HRKCD 8395 Great Britain CD
  Easy Action 1093511 Great Britain LP
  United Artists 669 122 Germany LP
  L-Shaped Room, The  
  Twilight Time no label number United States DVD
  Mix Me A Person  
  Parlophone SEP 8877 Great Britain 45RPM
  Parlophone R 4930 Great Britain 45RPM
1963   Elizabeth Taylor In London  
  Silva Screen FILMCD 022 Great Britain CD
  √Čl/Cherry Red Records ACMEM59CD Great Britain CD
  Peak Records OKEP-1111 New Zealand EP
  Ember EMB S 183 Great Britain 45RPM
  Colpix CP 459 United States LP
  Silva Screen FILM 022 Great Britain LP
  Capitol ST 2527 United States LP
  Colpix PXL 459 Great Britain LP
  Ember NR 5025 Great Britain LP
  Cherry Red Records ACMEM315CD Great Britain CD
  Ember EP 4544 Great Britain EP
  Vedette Records VRN 34059 Italy 45RPM
  Castle Entertainment MAC CD 221 Great Britain CD
  Ember NR 5025 Great Britain LP
  Colpix SCP 459 United States LP
  Future Noise Music FVOD034 Great Britain CD
  Play it again PLAY 002 Great Britain CD
  Capitol T 2527 United States LP
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