Alfred Newman
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
0   Films Of Russ Columbo, The  
  Golden Legends 2000/1 United States LP
  Theme Music From King Of Kings And Other Film Spectaculars  
  London Records PS 246 Great Britain LP
1930   Bride 66  
  Campus Sweethearts  
  Devil to Pay, the  
  One Heavenly Night  
  Reaching for the Moon  
1931   Age for Love, the  
  Around the World in 80 Minutes  
  Palmy Days  
  Street Scene  
  Citadel Records STC 77140 United States CD
  Giant Steps GSCR 019 Great Britain CD
  Citadel Records STC 77139 United States CD
  Varese Sarabande VCL 9201.11 United States CD
  Tonight or Forever  
  Unholy Garden, the  
1932   Cock of the Air  
  Flaming Guns  
  Greeks Had a Other Word for It, the  
  Kid from Spain, the  
  Mr. Robinson Crusoe  
  Sky Devils  
1933   Advice to the Lovelorn  
  Blood Money  
  Bowery, the  
  Broadway Through A Keyhole  
  Golden Legends 2000/1 United States LP
  Halllelujah I'm a Bum  
  I Cover the Waterfront  
  Looking for Trouble  
  Masquerador, the  
  Roman Scandals  
  Classic International Filmusicals CIF 3007 United States LP
  Secret Secrets, the  
1934   Affairs of Cellini, the  
  Born to Be Bad  
  Buldog Drummond Strikes Back  
  Cat's Paw, the  
  Count of Monte Cristo, the  
  Gallant Lady  
  House of the Rothchilds, the  
  Kid Millions  
  Classic International Filmusicals CIF 3007 United States LP
  Rhino Records R2 75614 United States CD
  Last Gentleman, the  
  Mighty Barnum, the  
  Moulin Rouge  
  Decca DL 8312 United States LP
  Golden Legends 2000/1 United States LP
  One Night Of Love  
  Our Daily Bread  
  Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round  
  We Live Again  
1935   Barbary Coast  
  Call of the Wild, the  
  Cardinal Richelieu  
  Clive of India  
  Dark Angel, the  
  Folies Bergerac  
  Les Miserabless  
  Wedding Night, the  
1936   Beloved Enemy  
  Come and Get It  
  Dancing Pirate  
  Gay Desperado, the  
  Melody Lingers On, the  
  Modern Times  
  Blue Moon BM 99903/4 Spain CD
  Screengems no label number United States Other
  Telarc CD 80319 United States CD
  Silva Screen SILCD1198 Great Britain CD
  Gamma GX 07 095 Mexico 45RPM
  United Artists FML 91 LP
  MCPS FonoTeam 0996 Germany CD
  RCA Records 09026 68271 2 Germany CD
  United Artists UAL-4049 United States LP
  United Artists UAS 5222 United States LP
  Vogue YX-8001 Japan LP
  Gonzo Distribution Ltd. Great Britain CD
  RCA 09026 68271 2 Germany CD
  Philips FD-2054 Japan 45RPM
  United Artists UAS 29378 France LP
  Naxos of America 777 286-2 United States CD
  United Artists UAS-5049 United States LP
  Vogue V. 45. 1840 France 45RPM
  Chant du Monde France CD
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