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Victory At Sea And Other Favorites

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Victory At Sea And Other Favorites



Victory At Sea And Other Favorites (1989)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Richard Rodgers
Robert (Bob) Cobert
Max Steiner
Malcolm Arnold
Richard Addinsell
Gordon Goodwin
Jerry Goldsmith

Released in:

United States

Played by Erich Kunzel & The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra.

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Telarc CD-80175 Image supplied by

Telarc CD-80175  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Victory At Sea
 Winds Of War, The
 War And Remembrance
 Bridge On The River Kwai, The
 Dangerous Moonlight
 Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years
 Battle Of Britain
 Longest Day, The

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  Track listing

1.  The Song of the High Seas (05:06)
2.  Guadalcanal March (03:08)
3.  Hardwork and Horseplay (03:20)
4.  Beneath the Southern Cross (03:26)
5.  Mare Nostrum (06:22)
tracks 1 - 5: Five Selections from "Victory At Sea" by Richard Rodgers
6.  Love Theme from The Winds of War / War and Remembrance (02:55)
by Robert Cobert
7.  Casablanca suite (05:37)
by Max Steiner
8.  Colonel Bogey March (02:54)
by Kenneth J. Alford
9.  Warsaw Concerto from Suicide Squadron (08:37)
by Richard Addinsell
10.  Suite from The Valiant Years (04:34)
by Richard Rodgers
11.  Main Theme from The Battle of Britain (01:49)
by Ron Goodwin
12.  Over There (01:09)
by George M. Cohan
13.  March from The Longest Day (03:02)
by Paul Anka
14.  The Generals' March (MacArthur March / Patton Theme) (04:45)
by Jerry Goldsmith
15.  Armed Forces Medley (03:02)
arr. by Richard Hayman

Total Duration: 00:59:46
Track listing contributed by Dorian

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