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Varèse Sarabande Soundtrack Sampler

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Varèse Sarabande Soundtrack Sampler



Varèse Sarabande Soundtrack Sampler (1991)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Alfred Newman
John Williams
John Carpenter
Jerry Goldsmith
Alan Silvestri
Basil Poledouris
Alexander Courage
Bill Conti
Angelo Badalamenti
Randy Edelman
James Horner
Stewart Copeland
Michael Kamen

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Indisc IMS 34246 Image supplied by
Wim van Schaik

Indisc IMS 34246  

Release Date

Compiled by Chris Boog.

Also contains music from:
 Star Wars
 Total Recall
 Back To The Future Part III
 Star Trek
 North And South
 Blue Velvet
 Predator 2
 Presumed Innocent
 Kindergarten Cop
 Once Around
 Cocoon: The Return
 Wall Street
 Gremlins 2: The New Batch
 Omen, The
 Die Hard

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 25
Wish list: 11

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  Track listing

1.  20th Century Fox Fanfare with CinemaScope Extention (00:21)
composed by Alfred Newman
2.  Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - Main Title (05:18)
composed by John Williams
3.  Halloween - Theme / Main Title (02:58)
composed by John Carpenter
4.  Total Recall - The Big Jump (04:38)
composed by Jerry Goldsmith
5.  Back To The Future part III - Doc Returns (02:55)
composed by Alan Silvestri
6.  Robocop - Van Chase (04:55)
composed by Basil Poledouris
7.  Star Trek the original TV Series - Main Title and Closing Theme (01:24)
composed by Alexander Courage
8.  North and South - Main Title (03:50)
composed by Bill Conti
9.  Blue Velvet - Mysteries of Love (04:24)
composed by Angelo Badalamenti
10.  Predator 2 - Main Tite (02:47)
composed by Alan Silvestri
11.  Presumed Innocent - Presumed Innocent (04:14)
composed by John Williams
12.  Kindergarten Cop - Astoria School Theme (01:13)
composed by Randy Edelman
13.  Once Around - Big Band On Ice (04:41)
composed by James Horner
14.  Cocoon 2, the Return - Jack's Future (02:47)
composed by James Horner
15.  Wall Street - Bud's Scam (02:51)
composed by Stewart Copeland
16.  Gremlins 2, the New Batch - Gremlin Puding (02:23)
composed by Jerry Goldsmith
17.  The Omen - Satanic (02:35)
composed by Jerry Goldsmith
18.  Die Hard - Terrorists (04:36)
composed by Michael Kamen

Total Duration: 00:58:50
Track listing contributed by Wim van Schaik

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