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Drive Angry 3D



Drive Angry 3D (2011)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Michael Wandmacher

Released in:

United States

Action, Thriller

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Lakeshore Records LKS 34213

Lakeshore Records LKS 34213  

United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Full Frontal Shotgun (01:24)
2.  Milton (02:02)
3.  The Accountant (02:20)
4.  Palomar Motel (01:19)
5.  The Iron Godkiller (01:27)
6.  Burning Memories (02:03)
7.  Checking Out The Hard Way (01:56)
8.  Piper Rides Shotgun (01:37)
9.  The Bridge (03:09)
10.  Good Little Follower (01:39)
11.  Let’s Go For A Ride (02:00)
12.  Eyes Wide (01:01)
13.  Revolutions Per Minute (02:47)
14.  I Never Get Curious (01:43)
15.  A Door That Can't Be Closed (01:04)
16.  Road Raging (01:50)
17.  Webster (01:06)
18.  Milton’s Backstory (01:26)
19.  All You See (02:14)
20.  Mass vs. Acceleration (02:14)
21.  Chevelle (01:13)
22.  Walking Contradiction (01:18)
23.  Roadblock (02:02)
24.  G-Man (01:20)
25.  Redline (02:40)
26.  Say Thank You Or She Dies (04:57)
27.  Not of This Earth (04:31)
28.  Grandaddy (03:46)
29.  I’ll Have That Beer (01:38)

Total Duration: 00:59:46
Track listing contributed by Alan Rogers

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