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Villa Rides! The Western Film Music Of Maurice Jarre

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Villa Rides! The Western Film Music Of Maurice Jarre



Villa Rides! The Western Film Music Of Maurice Jarre (2011)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Maurice Jarre

Released in:

Great Britain

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Tadlow Music TADLOW014

Tadlow Music TADLOW014  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Performed by the 100-piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Nic Raine.

Also contains music from:
 Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean, The
 Soleil Rouge
 Condor, El
 Cimarron Strip
 Professionals, The
 Villa Rides

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Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 36
Wish list: 1

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title – Villa Rides! (02:44)
2.  Much More Money / Lee in Gonzales House (02:38)
3.  Lee and Fina at the River / The Plane is Repaired (03:59)
4.  Lee Gives the Burro to Gonzales (00:43)
5.  Colorados in the Village / Too Many Guns / Ramirez Kicks the Chairs / The Villistas are Appearing (06:20)
6.  Hacienda Dance / Fierro After the Execution / Much More Money (03:20)
7.  After the Marriage / Lee Teaching Villa to Fly / Waltz in the Clouds (03:56)
8.  The Villistas Attacking the Train (01:28)
9.  After the Battle / Love in the Boxcar (03:13)
10.  Villa Has Taken Parral (01:08)
11.  Cantina Dance (02:51)
12.  Fina and Lee (01:02)
13.  Villa in Mexico City / Villa and Madero (03:42)
14.  Before the Battle (01:17)
15.  The Battle (04:10)
16.  Victorious Army / Much More Money (02:15)
17.  Execution / Villa is to be Shot / Huerta Reads Madero’s Message (03:29)
18.  Go to Chupadero / El Paso (02:45)
19.  Petite Cafe Concert (01:40)
20.  End Title – Villa Rides (03:25)

Bonus Tracks

21.  Main Title (04:37)
22.  Marmalade, Molasses And Honey (02:28)
tracks 21-23 - from The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean
23.  Main Title (03:32)
from El Condor
24.  Main Title (02:44)
from Red Sun
25.  Main Title (01:01)
from Cimarron Strip
26.  Overture (05:12)
from The Professionals

Total Duration: 01:15:39
Track listing contributed by Ivan Sorokin

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