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Alamo, The



Alamo, The (1960)

Dimitri Tiomkin 

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by a soundtrack collector (April 6, 2005)
This so called "definitive edition of Dimitri Tiomkin's magnificent score to "The Alamo" is not only a disgrace it is a supreme and willful rip-off. The majority of the additional tracks are filled with dialogue and sound effects which make it impossible to hear or enjoy the music behind it. It was obviously lifted off the final mixed theatrical film soundtrack but nowhere on the outer CD package does it mention this. The original LP of this soundtrack had already insulted Tiomkin by including John Wayne's dialogue over one music track and adding two pop songs which had little or nothing to do with the film, thereby cutting Tiomkin's music down even further. This latest CD adds irreparable injury to the LP's original insult by the addition of these intrusive dialogue tracks. The fact that in the last 25 years, thanks to the efforts of people like Charles Gerhardt, George Korngold, Tony Thomas and others, film music has gained a new well-deserved respect as an art form being able to stand on its own outside the film for which it was written, seems to have escaped the notice of the producer of this CD, who singularly has been responsible for the musical mutilation of numerous classic soundtracks from different major labels over the last few years (West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Bye Bye Birdie, A Star is Born, Carousel, and Oklahoma, to name some of the worst examples). If you want to hear Tiomkin's score to "The Alamo" with a little more musical respect look for the out of print Varese Sarabande CD which includes the 2 John Wayne dialogue tracks from the LP but at least presents the remainder of the score with no intrusions imposed by people who produce a CD as a mere souvenir of the movie with no respect for the composer and his music

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