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99 And 44/100% Dead



99 And 44/100% Dead (1974)

Henry Mancini 

Released in:

Off Beat, Off Kilter, Off Center Insanity From Henry Mancini!
by a soundtrack collector (November 23, 2005)
A complete score recording from the John Frankenheimer Mafia comedy "99 And 44/100% Dead" has yet to be offered to those of us who are koo-koo for the recorded film works of one of America's finest composers of motion picture music!

The theme from this failed at the box office fiasco from Henry Mancini can be found on a 1974 RCA release entitled "Hangin' Out With Mancini" and a 45 rpm souvinir from the film as well!

An off beat, off kilter, off center piece of audio insanity performed by The Moldy Seven featuring percussion master Shelly Manne. It's sure to please all those craving ears who live for the next piece of uncovered treasure from the man who became a household name from one end of the earth and back! *****

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